Alan Talks Asia: The Brand Called You

Ashutosh Garg invited our founder Alan Wong to be the guest on his podcast The Brand Called You to share insights about how Western companies venture into and achieve success in Asian markets.


11/18/20231 min read

Alan Wong's recent interview with Ashutosh Garg on The Brand Called You, where Alan delved into the complexities and opportunities for Western SaaS companies aiming to thrive in the Asian market.

In this episode you will learn:

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  • About Alan's journey from programmer to founder

  • Key factors to consider when developing a Go-to-Market strategy for SaaS companies entering Asian markets?

  • The scaling challenges in Asia

  • The critical steps to achieving profitability within 18 to 24 months

  • The key performance indicators that help people understand early success in the Asian Market

  • The role of a founder evolves in Asia Cultural Diversity

  • What should companies do to manage their risks in Asia?

  • How should SaaS companies plan their long-term business strategy for sustained growth in Asia?