Alan Talks Asia: The Moving Beyond Being Good Podcast

Gary Ryan invited our founder Alan Wong to be the guest on his podcast Moving Beyond Being Good to share insights about how established brands can achieve success in Asian markets.


11/18/20231 min read

Alan specializes in helping foreign SaaS companies expand into Asia, typically starting in Hong Kong, then Singapore, China, Australia, and India by providing business consulting, go-to-market strategies, and founder mentoring to help them achieve profitability and growth in the region.

In this episode you will learn:

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  • What does

  • About Alan's journey from Hong Kong to Australia and back to Hong Kong

  • How Alan has enabled foreign Saas companies to expand into Asia

  • Why brands have 'failed' in Asia

  • Alan's 'formula' for success

  • About the first step if you want to expand into Asia

  • Alan's tips for effective networking (which are useful for anyone wanting to get better at this skill)