Asia Insights : Asia Digital Media Channels Cheat Sheet

As businesses look to expand in the Asia-Pacific region, understanding the digital landscape is crucial. While global platforms hold significant sway, local platforms often dominate their home turf.



11/16/20231 min read

For businesses to succeed, a blended approach that considers both global and local platforms might be the key to effective engagement.

🔍 Search Engines:
In most Asia-Pacific regions,
Google remains the dominant search engine. However, local platforms like Baidu, Inc. in China and NAVER Corp in South Korea make significant inroads in their home markets.

Social Media:
Facebook and Instagram continue to be popular across several countries. Notably, platforms like WeChat and DouYin have solidified their positions in China, showing the importance of localized platforms.

Messaging Platforms:
WhatsApp reigns supreme in regions like India and Indonesia. Yet, in places like China and Taiwan, local apps such as WeChat and LINE lead the way.

Source: We are Social 2023

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