Taiwan Insights: The things every Taiwanese has Googled at least once



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Taiwanese consumer insights
Taiwanese consumer insights

In the ever-evolving landscape of Asia's business environment, Taiwan stands out as a beacon of technological advancement and cultural richness.

As Asia business consultant, our mission is to provide insights that bridge the gap between Western practices and the nuanced realities of Asian markets.

This blog delves into the heart of Taiwanese society through the lens of their most Googled topics, offering invaluable perspectives for businesses aiming to thrive in this dynamic market.

The Taiwanese Insights from Daily Life

台灣餐廳附近 (Nearby Taiwanese Restaurants)

This behavior search reflects the Taiwanese love for their rich culinary heritage.

For businesses, this indicates the importance of understanding local tastes and preferences, which is crucial for success in the Asian food and beverage sector.

哪裡有最好吃的 (Where is the delicious food?)

Finding the perfect shop for anything from night markets to bubble tea is a matter of online research.

Taiwanese behavior searches show the importance of local recommendations and hidden gems, like the best 臭豆腐 (Stinky Tofu) stall or the fluffiest pineapple cake vendor.

台灣天氣今天 (Taiwan Weather Today)

The diverse climate of Taiwan keeps everyone on their toes.

This search trend suggests that businesses, especially in apparel or event planning, should be mindful of seasonal variations to meet consumer expectations.

高鐵時刻表 (High-speed rail timetable)

Navigating the high-speed rail network is key for intercity travel.

These searches help people plan journeys,

whether booking tickets for business trips or leisure excursions to Taroko Gorge.

演唱會門票 (Concert tickets)

Taiwanese love live music! Finding tickets for their favorite singers or international acts triggers a flurry of online searches. Look for popular names like 周杰倫 (Jay Chou) or 五月天.

The top searches in Taiwan, ranging from local cuisine, weather updates, and rail timetables, reflect a society deeply rooted in its culture yet dynamically engaged with the environment.

Businesses should note these basic needs which is vital for the first step of localization strategies in the Taiwan market.

Taiwan Night Market
Taiwan Night Market
Start a business in Taiwan
Start a business in Taiwan
Bubble Tea Taiwan
Bubble Tea Taiwan

The insights garnered from these top Google searches in Taiwan serve as a guide for any business looking to make its mark in the Taiwan market.

The blend of cultural appreciation, technological savviness, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit forms the backbone of successful business strategies in this region.

By understanding and aligning with these elements, businesses can not only enter but also thrive in the vibrant, diverse, and dynamic Asian market.

By acknowledging and strategically addressing these issues and collaborating with the right business consultants like ToAsia.biz, SaaS business can enhance its chances of success in the Asian market and longevity in this vibrant yet challenging market.

Business Taiwan Insights About Taiwanese Entrepreneurial Spirit

公司設立流程 (Company Establishment Process)

This Taiwan business insight indicates a strong entrepreneurial drive.

For foreign businesses, understanding these procedural searches can help in navigating the local business landscape for successful market entry.

政府創業補助 (Government Startup Subsidies)

This search underscores the importance of being aware of local government incentives, which can be crucial for startups looking to establish themselves in Taiwan.

台灣電商平台比較 (E-commerce platforms comparison)

Online sales boom in Taiwan!

This search helps choose the right platform for your products, like Shopee, Momo, or PChome, comparing fees, features, and target audiences.

網路開店免費工具 (Free tools for online stores)

Saving costs is important.

The business insights behind means finding website builders, inventory management software, or social media scheduling tools without breaking the bank.

電子商務法規 (e-commerce laws)

Staying informed about legal matters is crucial.

Googling e-commerce laws helps Taiwanese businesses understand consumer protection regulations, data privacy requirements, and online advertising guidelines.

台灣創業孵化器 (Taiwan startup incubators)

Seeking support and collaboration?

Googling Taiwan startup incubators helps discover co-working spaces, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities to accelerate your business growth.

網路行銷技巧 (Online Marketing Skills)

Indicates a digital-savvy market, highlighting the need for strong digital marketing strategies.

Taiwan's thriving economic landscape is mirrored in its most searched business-related queries.

From understanding the process of company establishment, and navigating government subsidies to e-commerce information, these searches reveal a community eager for entrepreneurial success.

For foreign businesses, aligning with this spirit of innovation and providing solutions that cater to these needs can be a game-changer in your Asia market entry plan.

Taiwan Insights: Diverse Taiwanese Interests and Market Trends

線上學習 平台 (Online Learning Platforms)

This reflects a society that values continuous learning and upskilling.

Education and technology businesses can leverage this trend by offering localized online learning resources.

生活秘訣 (Lifestyle hack)

Taiwanese embrace online learning! From basic cooking tips to DIY furniture hacks,

these searches showcase resourcefulness and adaptability.

Expect queries like 如何做珍珠奶茶 (How to make bubble milk tea?) or 如何種植多肉植物 (How to grow succulents).

網路購物推薦 (Online Shopping Recommendations)

The interest reflects a strong e-commerce culture, offering opportunities for businesses in digital retail and customer review platforms.

DIY手工藝教學 (DIY Handicraft Tutorials)

Suggests a market for hobby and craft-related products and services.

線上遊戲 推薦 (Online Game Recommendations)

Gaming is a popular leisure activity.

This search reveals Taiwanese gamers' diverse interests, from exploring new mobile games to discovering exciting titles within specific genres like MMORPGs or puzzle games.

投資理財 攻略(Investment and wealth management strategies)

Financial savvy is highly valued. Googling reflects a desire to grow savings, learn about stocks and bonds, or explore alternative investment options.

寵物照護 知識 (Pet Care Knowledge)

Taiwanese adore their furry (or feathered) companions.

This search, meaning reflects their dedication to their pets' well-being, seeking information on proper nutrition, training tips, or breed-specific health concerns.

台灣在地 景點 (Taiwan Local Attractions)

Exploring local hidden gems is exciting! This search reveals their desire to discover charming villages, unique natural spots, or historical sites beyond the usual tourist destinations.

Taiwanese searches go beyond basic needs, delving into online learning platforms, investment strategies, and local attractions.

This variety indicates a multifaceted consumer base, highlighting the importance of a well-rounded approach when entering the Taiwan market.

Offering products or services that align with these diverse interests can create multiple touchpoints with your target audience.

Taiwan Hot Topics
Taiwan Hot Topics

Taiwan Insights: The Role of Localization in Business Success

熱門話題 新聞 (Hot Topics News)

Keeping up with local and global news is important.

This search shows Taiwanese curiosity about current events, social issues, and trending discussions, from political debates to celebrity scandals.

台語 俚語 意思 (Meaning of Taiwanese Slang)

Understanding local slang and language nuances can be a key factor in successful marketing and advertising strategies,

ensuring that messages resonate authentically with the local audience.

The key to success in the Asian market, especially in Taiwan, lies in effective localization.

Understanding and integrating into the local culture, language, and consumer habits is not just beneficial but necessary.

This cultural integration is evident in how Taiwanese use Google to navigate their daily lives and make informed decisions.

River Chan is the marketing director of ToAsia.biz with over 10 years of experience in marketing from strategic planning, project execution, and data analysis across different industries.

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